Dreams In Polymer Clay And Wire


22/07/2008 03:16

New Topsite

  I've just created a new topsite for content related digital downloads.  This one features books, courses and audio related to health, family, pets and well-being.  If you have a related product, please add your link: Top 100 Downloadable Books For Your Life   I'd also like to...
21/07/2008 14:10

No, You're Not Seeing Double

Well, you are and you aren't! The code for the BunnyburyBaby banners is supposed to allow them to rotate to keep you advised of sales and coupons without my having to constantly change them. The code was designed by the advertiser. I'm seeing that two or three banners are appearing in wild...
15/07/2008 11:29

Hale Dwoskin On Oprah Radio, New Site Pages

Don't Miss   Hale Dwoskin on Oprah Radio   Stop by the Freebies Page and Get Your Free CD and DVD From The Sedona Method   I'm re-organizing the site and have added new pages.  Please check it out:   Stores - Mind, Body and Spirit
14/07/2008 13:07

Win a FREE FULL PAGE AD at iEmporium!

Just join iEmporium join Between July 12 - July 31. and receive an entry into a drawing for a full page feature in the August catalog! Don't miss out on your chance to win! Already a member?  You AND your referral will each receive an entry!   IEmporium - Where Success And Shopping...
13/07/2008 20:42

New Freebies and Sponsors

I've added a special offer from Hale Dwoskin and The Sedona Method to the Freebies Page: Free DVD and CD - Find out how you can tap your natural ability to let go of any unwanted feeling on the spot.   and several new sponsors with great products:   Bunnybury Baby - The Best Baby Gifts...
12/07/2008 06:17

NEW Freebies Added - FREE JEWELRY!

For a limited time, SilverJewelryClub.com is givine away free sterling silver genuine gemstone jewelryl  Go to my Freebies Page to learn more!
11/07/2008 11:21

Announcing A New Sister Site - The Mall Of Possibilities

This one's for all the dreamers!  I'm totally convinced that out of all of the opportunities on the internet, there's at least one that works!  And I LOVE affiliate programs - even if I never make a cent, I find them fun!  Affiliate programs are real, legitimate work and I do believe...
09/07/2008 14:07

Exciting New Features At iEmporium

iEmporium is quicly becoming the greatest place on the web!  Melissa the Genius Woman has added some exciting new features, including better than affordable stores and a catalog!  Visit the blog for details!     iEmporium - Where Success And Shopping Sizzle! How do you like...
08/07/2008 03:12

Increasing Your Site Traffic

Paintings Comments   New blog:   Increasing Your Site Traffic  
07/07/2008 12:19

Last Day For The Potty Watch Fundraising Raffle!

Go here for details:   Support the Potty Watch and Win!


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