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My goal is to provide something of benefit to everyone.  As one of a kind items, my products are designed as very special gifts to yourself and loved ones.   Through my writing I will address issues that are meaningful to women in all stages of life - maiden, mother and crone.  I intend to support new polymer clay and jewelry artists and female entrepreneurs by sharing the many resources that have been available to me.  I love to pass on the gifts that have been given to me and you'll find a staggering amount of free gifts here.  So, please come by often to see what's new.  You may even become interested in learnng something that you didn't think you could do!


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Thanks for visiting today!  I'm Parthena Black and love to play with clay! I create figurative sculpture and jewelry in polymer clay and sculpting wire is another one of my passions. I love to create beautiful jewelry with wire and semi-precious gemstones. I prefer naturally shaped stones because the stone chooses its own design,and my pieces are often naturally reversible. Currently, I am marketing the majority of my products locally.  I plan to offer a limited number of my one of a kind, handcrafted items online in the very near future.  Still more passions are writing and bellydance.  Bellydance brings out the beauty in every woman who practices it, and "You haven't got anything to dance about until you're thirty-five, anyway" - Bert Balladine, oriental dancer.
My blogs, Dreams, Visions and Reality and Parthena Black - The Other Side offer a wide range of topics from career issues to spiritual development.   I hope that by sharing my skills and life experience I will inspire others to fulfill their dreams. 

A Bit of Background

Creativity and individuality were not encouraged in my home of origin and I had never seen myself as a creative person.  My second husband was an amazing artist, poet and writer and brought out the artist in me.  He encouraged, supported and taught me sculpting techniques and never laughed at some of  my worst beginning pieces.  He passed on from Cystic Fibrosis in 2005.  I was unable to use my creativity to move through grief.  I wanted to create but I was kind of stuck.  A few months ago I picked up my clay again.  The piece I created was a far cry from what I had last done.  Instead of becoming rusty, I had improved.  This was very exciting and led me to learn how to sculpt the artist dolls that I so admired and never dreamed that I was capable of creating. 


Wire was a passion from the very beginning.  I prefer using naturally shaped gemstones in my work because the stone decides its own design.    While I might have a vision of the finished piece, I am always surpised and pleased at the result.  Because of their natural shape, the majority of pieces are not identical on both sides, making them naturally reversible.


I've taken a break from writing for several months and am ready to resume this passion.  I have several book concepts that have been waiting to be developed.  I'm looking forward to discovering how the events of the past year have influenced my initial insight.

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