Dreams In Polymer Clay And Wire

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19/04/2008 13:39

Inspired by the support that I've received from the artists and entrepreneurs at The Fairy Society and Divapreneur, I've decided to establish a portal in which to share the resources and support that I have received on my journey with other Everyday Goddesses. My products are currently sold locally at Wagoner Antiques and More, Highway 69, Wagoner, Oklahoma. My booth contains a wide selection of vintage collectibles - Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, baseball cards and comic books in addition to my handcrafted art and jewelry. I plan to have jewelry and sculpture online in the very near future as well as tutorials and inexpensive polymer clay molds for the fledgling clay artist. I'm excited about becoming an Ambassador for Barefoot Parties and offering their unique and inspirational products through my site.


Stay tuned!


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