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Stop Backpack Injury With Core Products Home Health Solutions

Stop Backpack Injury With Core Products Home Health Solutions


As someone who lives with chronic back problems, I am excruciatingly aware of the many ways in which everyday activities can aggravate a condition. There are chairs that cause me so much pain that no one should be sitting on them! That's why I am so impressed and pleased to see that Core Products Home Health Solutions is addressing this issue with their Air Packs system. Most structural problems begin in youth and the effects are often not felt until adulthood. Backpacks are a major perpetrator for all school age children, college students, hikers and others who use backpacks for work and leisure activities.


The patented, ergonomic design combines wider shoulder straps and an inflatable lumbar cushion, which when properly positioned in the small of the back, creates a fulcrum to redistribute the weight from the shoulders to the hips, promoting a healthier upright standing posture, enhancing the body's natural ability to properly carry weight. Getting the right fit is very important to realize the AirPacks® unique ergonomic design benefit. AirPacks, developed by orthopedic professionals are university-tested, clinically proven and are proportionally sized for students of all ages, with top and bottom adjustable shoulder straps that also automatically adjust from side-to-side to help maintain this correct ergonomic support even when using just one strap. See the AirPacks sizes and dimension below or product page description to choose which has the right proportional fit for you or the student in your life.


Reduce back pain and backpack injuries with AirPacks ergonomic backpacks.



Core Products Home Health Solutions was founded in 1988 under the mantra that "health care products should be comfortable and easy to wear and use". Our corporate goal is to provide comfort from head to toe with products that aid in the natural healing process. Whether it's nagging neck pain, chronic backaches, sore wrists, elbows, ankles, knees or the lingering effects from injury, Core can help. All of the therapeutic products they manufacture are Satisfaction Guaranteed.


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