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Oya, Goddess of Storms

Oya, Goddess of Storms

OOAK (one of a kind) handcrafted polymer clay artist doll, inspired by the art of Francisco Santos Oya is a Goddess of so many things. She is primarily known as the Yoruban Goddess who brings change through storms and the wind. When we are stuck and hesitant to make changes in our lives, trust Oya to live up to her title as "Bringer of Storms." She is also a powerful Warrior Goddess and symbol of feminine power as well as the guardian of the passage from life to death. The octagon-shaped oak base is included. She gazes thoughtfully at the lightning bolt that she holds in her hands. The bolt is handcrafted from silver plated wire and rests between her hands with spring tension. Her outfit is crafted from polymer clay using Mokume Gane technique in shades of brown and gol, including genuine gold leaf.. The Cowrie shell is her symbol and nine handcrafted polymer clay shells are included. The handpainted copper-toned glass bottle adorned with tiny garnet stones represents copper as her symbol and is filled with graveyard dirt. Graveyard dirt symbolizes putting things to rest, such as the past, negative emotions and unhealthy patterns. The accessories have not been attached to the base to allow the buyer to use the pieces as they wish. Oya's image is a powerful representation of the Goddess for your altar, and placing her in your home will remind you of your inner strength and personal power.


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