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07/07/2008 12:10

I hope everyone had a fantastic Fourth of July weekend!  I took Blondie Belinda Natasha Maria Turkey Noodle Doody Head with me to a friend's because I was afraid to leave her here alone to deal with firework stress.  Well, she took off and hid for the night so I spent the night.  She was at the door in the morning, giving me another day to enjoy swimming in their pool.  She also seemed to be de-sensitized because she wasn't nearly as freaked out by the booms and bangs when we took our walk upon returning home.


Read about the top ten how-to dvd's of all time here:


Dreams, Visions and Reality - Top Ten How-To DVD's For July 2008


I think that this was our last long weekend until Labor Day in September - enjoy your summer and don't work any harder than you have to!  Life is meant to be enjoyed.



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