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Take Your Dog To Work Day Is June 20th!

14/06/2008 01:45

Approximately one in five companies allow pets in the office. My company allows them occasionally. My dog, Blondie, won't be able to participate this year because I have a commitment at the end of the day where I can not bring her and there won't be time to bring her home first. If your company will allow a visit from Fido or Fifi, I encourage you to take them up on it. This is an excellent time to take inventory of your dog's behavior and whether you are being a responsible dog owner.I recently heard a dog trainer say that there are no bad dogs, only bad owners. It's very easy to become lazy about training and discipline when our pet rarely leaves home. Your dog depends on you to be a strong pack leader and provide the guidance he or she needs. Here are the ASPCA's Top Ten Tips for office etiquette, which are also the main tests that your dog must be able to pass if you plan to take them out visiting as a companion or therapy dog:


ASPCA Pet Care - Top Ten Office Etiquette Tips For Dogs


Responsible dog ownership also means putting your dog's needs ahead of your own. Take advantage of the warm weather to re-establish your bond by taking regular walks and trips to the part. You'll get some exercise, have some fun and remember why you got a dog in the first place.


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