Dreams In Polymer Clay And Wire

New Directory & Networking Page

20/04/2008 13:16

I have had so much fun working on this site and I'm very impressed with the free webpage services offered by Webnode.  Thanks and Kudos  go to Divapreneur Alive Inc.  for notifying us about this, an excellent example of the magic of networking.  This works very well for me.  The FTP is through your browser, which saves my beloved dinosaur of a computer from having to add to memory and you can work on your site from anywhere!  The features are more than adequate for a free program and there is the option to upgrade when the time is right.  I'm not good at web design and the templates provided help keep the site simple and a lot more professional looking than I could do.  While there are a few limits on box size, etc., I'll take it over the past frustration I've dealt with about sizing and placement.


In the spirit of the Inner Diva and to thank my sister Divas and Fairy Artists  for all of their help and support, I've added a Links page with a Networking Directory to showcase their individual sites.  Just contact me if you'd like to be added.






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