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21/04/2008 01:05

I've spent the weekend setting up this site, so my artistic pursuits have had to wait. I'm anxious to get back to them! I was also inspired to create a Squidoo Lens:


Creating Polymer Clay Artist Dolls


as a sort of extension of the tutorial links I've placed on the Products page. I had no idea what Squidoo was until today! You can find a further explanation in my blog at Divapreneur


I have several beautiful gemstone pendants waiting to be finished. I recently learned how to craft several types of handmade chain and I haven't been able to decide how I want to enhance each of these pieces. I've made several polymer clay face brooches for Mother's Day and I plan to start work this week on a new artist doll, "First Steps." The little one's head has been completed for quite some time now and I have a nice vision of the pose. I'll post some photos as she progresses.



Wishing everyone a creative, productive and prosperous week!


I absolutely love Webnode's website builder.   The only flaw I see is that there are no comment boxes for individual blog posts.  If you'll scroll down to the bottom of the page, you'll find a comment box where you can post, just type in the blog that you're referring to.



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