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24/06/2008 11:39

Potty Watch Fundraising Raffle!

Posted at iEmporium on June 23, 2008 Our first raffle is up and running! ALL proceeds from this raffle will go to our first worthy cause! Lisa and The Potty Watch! Through the generosity of some of our members we have an incredible package to raffle off with a value of $450! Raffle tickets are $5...
14/06/2008 02:14

Fearless Friday - Artist Judy Atchison Campbell

Artists are businesswomen too, and Judy Atchison Campbell is the first of several to be interviewed for the Fearless Friday series:   Fearless Friday - Judy Atchison Campbell   Be sure to catch last week's features if you haven't already:   Success Sunday - Author Diana S....
14/06/2008 01:45

Take Your Dog To Work Day Is June 20th!

Approximately one in five companies allow pets in the office. My company allows them occasionally. My dog, Blondie, won't be able to participate this year because I have a commitment at the end of the day where I can not bring her and there won't be time to bring her home first. If your company...
09/06/2008 13:09

Crafty Ideas For Father's Day

Just in time for June 15th:   Crafty Ideas For Father's Day  
09/06/2008 09:58


Due to browser problems, I haven't been able to update the site all weekend.  Don't miss these two very important blog posts:   Fearless Friday - Carla Spurgeon, Jafra District Manager1   Success Sunday - Author Diana S. Zimmerman   Making Dreams Come True With Jafra   "I...
03/06/2008 04:25

More Freebies Added!

Check out the Freebies page - I've added a free article on finding your niche market and a feed from Totally Free Crap with their latest offers for free food, samples and other great stuff.  I've also found a contributor on Zazzle.com who features products that increase public awareness about...
02/06/2008 11:47

Greeting Card Contest

I wanted to get the word out to all of my artsy friends.  The TUT Adventurers Club, home of Notes From The Universe, is running a greeting card contest:   Back in September, 2007, we created an e-card contest, inviting TUT Adventurers to submit their own personal artwork or photography...
31/05/2008 02:48

Free E-Book Added - Making Money With Google Adsense

There are lots of products and Ebooks out there about AdSense but the problem with most of them is:     1. They're written by people who aren't even big earners themselves     2. They don't ever go into the REAL detail of HOW TO earn high amounts     That's why Michael...
30/05/2008 11:32

FEARLESS FRIDAY - Inventor Lisa Charleston

Welcome to the fourth edition of Fearless Friday! This week I am so excited and honored to feature Lisa Charleston, inventor of the Night Helper Potty Watch. I met Lisa at Divapreneur and was impressed not only by her passion for the cause that her product serves but also by her loving and giving...
30/05/2008 11:28

JAFRA Cosmetics International E-Party Ends TODAY

This week has gone by so fast! Thanks so much to everyone who has expressed interest in Jafra and placed orders! I also appreciate everyone who has expressed support and well wishes for my new business, which I’m becoming more excited about every day! With this party, I’m working on earning my...
28/05/2008 01:29


Why I Chose JAFRA   I am SO excited to invite you to my first Jafra Cosmetics International e-party. Jafra has been helping women look and feel their very best since 1956. (the year I was born, isn’t that amazing?) We have a complete line of over 400 products to pamper you from head to...

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